RTG – Rescue the Generation




Rescue The Generation (RTG) is a non-profit, non-political and autonomous organization that aims to address the needs of fellow Ethiopian compatriots. RTG was initiated in 2020, by Ethiopian diasporas residing abroad, explicitly living in Scandinavia, who had great concern for fellow compatriots living in difficult conditions and dire needs under the banner of ያገባናል!” “YAGEBANAL” Translated– IT CONCERNS ME! I AM RESPONSIBLE!” RTG is registered by the Swedish Government with the Registration number 802538-0992

Headquarters at: Sweden, Umeå.

RTG has seven elective Executive members that will serve for three years term, with a Chairperson, and Secretary, accountable to the General Assembly. It presents its Semi-annual & Annual performance review and financial report to the General Assembly and donors. 


  • Working for vulnerable groups such as women and children with that require special needs.
  • Healing and reconciliation, People with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)
  • Advocacy
  • Combating Poverty


  • International Child Development Program (ICDP)
  • Children with special needs
  • Gender issue, women with risk group
  • Response to the emergency call

Core Values

  • Stand with the vulnerable
  • Love and dignity
  • Building trust
  • Creating IMPACT

Excellence                                                                                                                                      Exceed expectations of others and ourselves.                                                                            Work towards the excellence of the present and the generations to come ahead.                        Serve with the fullest passion, creativity, and stewardship.                                                              It is our responsibility to work together as Ethiopians shedding all differences to safeguard the dignity, independence, and sovereignty of our beloved country.

Main Goals.

  1. TO ADDRESS MENTALLY DISORDERED AND TRAUMATIZED GROUPS:  RTG´s primary objectives are to promote mental well-being, provide care, enhance recovery, and reduce morbidity and disability. This objective entails reaching out to mentally and Physically Disabled Citizens including Autism, stunted growth, and other disabilities RTG will work to improve the lives of citizens with physical disabilities and mental disorders by facilitating professional and supportive counseling, as well as, providing supportive devices and tools for people with special needs to live with dignity and have a meaningful life.
  2. TO ADDRESS VULNERABILITY AND EFFECTS OF POVERTY: RTG will address hopelessness, and homelessness caused by traumatic events such as:
  • Violence – physical or sexual assault or abuse.
  • Domestic abuse of children and women.
  • Harmful ritual and cultural experiences ( e.g female genital mutilation)
  • Underage forced marriages end in single mothers without income.  Forced to be prostitutes to generate income for survival, which may expose them to being victims of HIV.

 3. TO RESPOND TO EMERGENCIES:Natural/man-made disasters are frequent features in Ethiopia. Thousands of people are affected every year, and millions of properties (cattle and vegetation) are lost by drought, flood, and lately, locusts.  RTG shall organize a timely response to the best of its capability. In collaboration with partners, it will undertake programs that will foster durable solutions including awareness building, rehab, and reconstruction.


RTG’s primary Goal is to enhance the safety, well-being, and holistic development of Generations. It will implement these goals by:

  • Facilitating targeted education – both formal and informal.
  • Building a morally and ethically responsible, humane society.
  • Building a bright future in which generations will contribute to, and enjoy the blessings of the nation equitably.


Membership is open to everyone above the age of 18 as per the Ethiopian Constitution, principles, objectives, rules, and regulations of the organization. All members shall pay a monthly membership fee of

SEK.100 (USD.10, UK Pound 10 on a monthly basis decided by the General Assembly. (Basic Membership)


Members of the RTG are determined to mobilize all patriots around the world, in the spirit of unity, to combat poverty, deprivation, ill-health, and ignorance, especially at this time of illicit war and destruction which has inflicted untold misery and destitution on our innocent people. 

All funds thus mobilized will be exclusively used for the people in need irrespective of religion, age, sex & ethnical background. Please note that, RTG has no political affiliation to any organization or political conviction.

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