RTG – Rescue the Generation


About Rescue The Generation (RTG)

RTG is a non-profit organization designed to promote the well-being of Ethiopians by ensuring safety, achieving permanency, and strengthening society. Our mission is to reach the unreached within the frameworks of our projects.

A healthier future for all—inspired by faith, driven by innovation, and powered to humanity.

  • Inspire trust through honesty
  • Demonstrate courage in the face of inequity

Our mission is to empower and help the youth of the future against poverty, leadership, life changing issues and achieve life. 

  • Commit to the power of working together.
  • Build and nurture meaningful relationships.
  • Unite and dedicate ourselves to the betterment of our motherland Ethiopia.
  • Advance early childhood education, and support mental and physical disabled citizens, women and girls in particular with those who became victimized by harmful cultures and practices.

We work closely with all responsible stakeholders including our donors and develop trust with the community that we support. We are accountable to all tasks that we are set to accomplish.

  • Care with listening, empathy, and love.
  • Accompany and comfort those in desperate need.
  • Celebrate each person’s gifts and voice.
  • Respect the dignity of all.

In every decision we make and projects we set to accomplish, we involve all our stake holders and volunteers and discuss on how to accomplish a project and delegate our project accordingly.

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