RTG – Rescue the Generation


Meet Executive Committee Members

The RTG Executive committee is composed of Experts from various parts of the world, who have been engaged in diverse fields such as senior medical staff, university lecturers, Consultants to International organizations, and businessmen with tremendous experience.

RTG is a non-profit, non-political and autonomous organization aimed at addressing the needs of fellow compatriots in Ethiopia !

Dawit Bekele (MD)

Chairman Global

Lemma Degefa (PhD)

RTG Country Director - Ethiopia

Our Plan

RTG is tirelessly striving to bring positive change and social advancement for the communities throughout Ethiopia that have been affected by natural and manmade disasters. RTG has been working in the Northern-Shoa region as a pilot project in the towns of Debre Berhan & Shewa Robit. RTG is marching forward with resilience to narrow the future generation gap by providing Education, Medical Support, to support Sexually abused Women, & creating awareness for children with special needs in the society

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower and transform communities, including people in need and mentally and physically impaired. We are marching forward with resilience, being very eager to see a happier generation in the years to come ahead.

Respond To Emergencies


Natural/man-made disasters are frequent features in Ethiopia. Thousands of people are affected every year, and millions of property are lost by natural phenomena and human violence's.

  • Rehabs and reconstruction
  •  Supply food and sanitation
  • Awareness building and empowering  

Address Vulnerability And Effects of Poverty

RTG in Shoarobit.

RTG will address anguish, and destitute caused by traumatic violent events such as :

  • Violence – physical, mental, and sexual assaults and abuse.
  • Domestic abuse of children and women.
  • Underage forced marriages end in single mothers without income.

Addressing children with special needs


This objective entails reaching out to and Physically Disabled Childrens and kids with special needs including: Autism and other disabilities.

  • Promote mental well-being
  • Provide care and Safety
  • Enhance recovery
  • Working to reduce stigma in the society.

RTG reaches in Debre-Berhan, Shoarobit, and Ataye


By cooperating with the partners to reach out to the IDPs who are in temporary shelters in Debre Berhan town, RTG has been making significant and useful contributions.

The most vulnerable Shewarobit victims have received support in the form of financial aid and psychosocial therapy.

The communities of Shewarobit and Ataye, which have been impacted by the war, are the focus of RTG’s present efforts to implement pilot programs for sexually abused women and livelihood restoration projects.

Children and Women are our Prioity to Help

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